CANBUS Convertor for DSG Swaps

- Switch input for shift paddle up (Ground switch).
- Swtich input for shift paddle down (Ground switch).
- LIN input (For LIN steeringwheels paddle signals).
 - LINv1 Master
 - LINv1 Slave
 - LINv2 Master
 - LINv2 Slave
- VSS Speed sensor input (12v Hall sensor input).
- Brake signal input (12v signal)

- Reverse light output 12v.
- Starter Block relay output.
- VSS Speed sensor output (For Mk3, Mk4 speedometers).

- Canbus for connection with DSG gearboxes.

The convertor can read the speed signal directly from the DSG without additional external sensors. (Some early DSG models do not support this, it needs UDS support)

When used on a car that already has cruise control over CAN it might interfere with shifting.

The convertor has a web interface for settings, analysis and firmware updates.

PQ Platform

MQB Platform